Social Security Disability • Supplemental Security Income

Forensic Psychology Group


Social Security Disability Experts

The psychologists and psychiatrists of the Forensic Psychology Group are frequently asked to perform psychological or psychiatric evaluations of individuals who are applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). For both of these benefits programs, the application process is lengthy and complex. Claimants are required to prove that their developmental disabilities or mental conditions prevent them from working or holding a job and taking care of themselves.

Social Security Disability Reports

The experts of the Forensic Psychology Group are experienced in writing clear and compelling reports for review by the Social Security Administration judge on the applicant's disabilities, symptoms, and behaviors as well as their impact on his or her ability to live independently or hold a job. Sometimes the disability is both mental and physical. The doctors evaluate for a variety of mental conditions, including:

Mental Disorders, SSI and SSD

Before determining whether the illness is severe enough to prevent a person from working, the Social Security judge is required look at four areas of functioning. Extensive documentation and psychological evidence can substantially strengthen a claimant's presentation and are often critical to his or her success. The psychologists of the Forensic Psychology Group have vast experience in evaluating and working with people who have psychological issues related to medical trauma.

Experienced SSI and SSD Experts

Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Kalash, Dr. Gibbons and Dr. Schmitz provide evaluations in the areas of SSI and SSD. Dr. Schmitz evaluates cases in the Albany and upstate New York area, while Dr. Kalash provides evaluation services in Long Island. Dr. Gibbons and Dr. Hamilton are based in New York City. Dr. Stephen Reich, director of the Forensic Psychology Group, says, "We are often able to help deserving applicants validate their Social Security Disability claims." Contact the Forensic Psychology Group at 212-935-6133 to discuss your needs.